08 September 2015

Dear Parents,

The safety and security of your ward is of utmost importance to us. In view to enhance security and safety of the students, the school has hired professional security services.

We solicit your cooperation in implementing the following measures.

1)     All visitors must carry their resident card with them.

2)     Visitors must fill up the requisite information and sign in the visitors’ register, kept at the gate and take the visitor’s pass. Pass should be returned while going out of the school.

3)     All visitors must report to the reception. Visitors are not permitted to enter classrooms, staffrooms or any other area in the school premises.

4)     Students will not be excused from the school before the end of the school day, unless there is an emergency. Students will only be sent with the parents. Gate pass must be presented to the guard.

5)     The school timings are from 7.40 am to 2.10 pm.

a.     Students are not to arrive prior to 7.25 am, and should leave by 2.30 pm as there is no supervision provided before 7.25 am and after 2.30 pm.

b.    Prompt pickup is important to ensure your child’s safety.

c.     In case the transport is delayed for any reason, children should immediately come and report to the school reception and inform, so that parents can be contacted.

6)     Visiting hours to be observed as per the schedule. Kindly call at 26841885 a day prior to fix up appointment.



Tuesday & Thursday

8.30 am to 9.30 am

Vice Principal


8.30 am to 9.30 am

Supervisors, Class Teachers and Subject Teachers

Sunday, Wednesday

10.30 am 11.00 am


7)     KG to class II parents must accompany their children all the time during drop and pick-up. Please do not leave the children unescorted especially while picking them.

8)     Please avoid sending tiffin, books, pen and other material during school hours. Due to logistic constraints, it becomes very difficult to send materials to different classes.

9)     Advise children to set their bags according to the time table.

10)  Kindly restrict the use of mobile phone in school premises, especially during drop and pick up.

11)  We also urge the parents once again, not to park their vehicles in front of Omani houses as well as counsel their children against disturbing the residents.

12)  The parking in front of the new building (Gate 1, 2, 3 & 4) is reserved only for the buses. Please do not park private cars in this area.

13)  Textbooks and notebooks will be issued only during recess time (10:30 am – 11:00 am)

14)  Fee can now be deposited on line using net banking / mobile banking in Bank Muscat A/c No. 0343-01175965-0031. For late fee, kindly add @ RO. 1.000 per month.


Looking forward to all your support



Sanchita Verma