03 February 2016

Dear Parents,

Sub: 10th Annual Children’s Writing Competition by ’The Let’s Read Committee’

Students from the ages of 11 to 18 years are invited to submit:

·          A colourfully illustrated story, set in Oman, suitable for young children, aged 5 to 7 years old

·          Entries can be written in English or Arabic. Word count must not exceed 500 words.

·          Entries should include: 1. Name, age, phone number, email address of entrant. Name, Telephone number and email address of school.

·          The entries will be judged on the following criteria:

-       interesting characters, exciting plot, well written text, and colourful illustrations.

·          Winners will be presented with prizes and may see their work in print.                             

·          All entries should be submitted to:

The Let’s Read Book Shop in the Al Qurum Complex (shop 116 1st floor, CCC)


to Dar Al Atta’a, Building 119, Bashaer Street, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos Tel: 24692996


sent by post to: P O Box 156, Jawarat Al Shatti, PC 134 Muscat

Deadline for submissions: Thursday 31st March 2016

For more details please contact Ms. Jane Jaffer at:



Sanchita Verma