18 March 2018

LKG (2017-18)

Requesting parents to kindly follow the schedule mentioned below.

  • Parents to accompany wards to school on 4th April as per the given time slot.

Roll No.

      Time slot

  1 – 10

 8:00   –  9:30 am

11 – 20

 9:30   – 11:00am

21 &above

11:00  – 12:30pm


  • Handover  Diary information sheet, Transport details, Notebooks and Textbooks

(neatly covered with brown paper and labeled) to Class teacher after which you can go back with your ward.

  • No regular classes will be held for students on 4th April.
  • Regular classes commence on 5th April.
  • Location of UKG classrooms for the new academic year: Block B, Ground floor



Sanchita Verma                                                                                                  Gauri Gadgeel

      Principal                                                                                                             Supervisor