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Battery recycling is a process that aims to reduce the number of batteries being disposed as municipal solid waste. Batteries contain a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals and since long,their dumping has raised concerns over soil contamination and water pollution.

Sohar Battery Collection, an Oman based organization &Sanjeevani, the Health & Wellness Club of Indian School Sohar (ISS), joined hands to bring awareness about Battery recycling among people. The purpose of this project is to minimize the impact of pollution in Oman thereby making it a better place.

As a part of this initiative, the students were educated about the hazards caused by haphazard  disposal of used batteries. ISS conducted special sessions and presentations were made to the students regarding correct disposal methods. The students were encouraged to collect used batteries and deposit them at Sanjeevani Club of ISS.

The constant encouragement provided by ISS staff resulted in collection of 210 Kg batteries. Std. IV F won the first position by collecting 14.2 Kg batteries.

The winners were awarded a trip to Fun City and were provided with Fun city coupons.  The students had a great day playing games and winning many exciting prizes. They were seen relaxing &enjoying during this entire trip.

The students expressed their thanks to the Indian school Sohar as well as the organizers for giving them a wonderful opportunity towards creating a greener tomorrow.


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