The Inter-House Debate Competition 2024-2025 organized at Indian School Sohar on 4th June 2024 was indeed an event that exemplified the importance of free speech, critical thinking, and eloquence among the student participants. The competition provided a platform for young debaters to engage in intellectual discourse on the topic "Social Media is Destroying Creativity." This event not only encouraged students to express their opinions but also allowed them to develop their public speaking skills and the critical analysis abilities.

The various teams representing the four houses - Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow - demonstrated their enthusiasm and passion for debate by showcasing their eloquence and debating skills. The adjudicators, comprising Ms. Veronica Juan, Ms. Zeema Viswanathan, and Ms. Prajitha Sunil, brought experience and expertise to evaluate the debates based on criteria such as content, diction, persuasion, presentation style, and rebuttal.

The Head of English, Mrs. Divya Johari, rightly emphasized that the debate competition served as an extended learning activity, familiarizing students with contemporary issues. She acknowledged that debates are a robust platform for students to express their thoughts clearly and develop their intellect. Throughout the competition, participants exhibited a strong understanding of the resolution, supported their arguments with evidence, and engaged in a gladiatorial combat of intellect. Their confident presentation, backed by appropriate body language and continuous citation of authorities, added depth and credibility to their arguments.

The climax of the event saw Team 1, comprising Arnav Naroth Santhosh and Spandana Surepally, from the Green House emerge as the winners. Their success can be attributed to their defensive stance on the topic, their unwavering commitment to their points, and their clear articulation of arguments until the end of the debate. Srishty Pandey, the Best Speaker was closely followed by First Runner Up, Spandana Sureppally and and Second Runner Up, Anugya Mandal. The Best Rebuttal was that of Spandana Surepally. While Green House bagged first position, Red House secured the second place. The jury had all praises for the excellent sportsmanship and spirit of the participants and was also amazed at their dedicated preparation in the very short time provided, their debating skills and their confidence.

Following the conclusion of the competition, Principal Mrs. Sanchita Verma extended her congratulations to the winners, applauding their compelling arguments and polished presentation skills. She accentuated the significance of debate as a valuable skill in student life, highlighting its role in enhancing communication abilities, and confidence. She commended the efforts put forth by the Department in organizing the event and encouraged a greater participation of students in such intellectually stimulating activities.

The Chairpersons of the event, Zachariah John, and Anah Azar exhibited exceptional skills in moderating the discussions and posing insightful questions, ensuring a well-coordinated and engaging event. Pilladi Laksh, who proposed the Vote of Thanks, also extended congratulations to the winners, adding a touch of appreciation to the event. Furthermore, the anchor Aishwarya Ann Saji played a pivotal role in captivating the audience's attention with her engaging presentation style, successfully involving them throughout the event.

In conclusion, the Inter-House Debate Competition, 2024 exemplified the essence of free speech, critical thinking, and eloquence. It was a testament to the intellectual prowess and communication skills of the young debaters who proved that debates are an invaluable tool for fostering enlightenment and the pursuit of truth.


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