Career guidance is a process designed to help individuals understand and make informed decisions about their career paths. It encompasses a variety of activities and services aimed at assisting people in discovering their strengths, interests, and values, as well as understanding the labor market and educational opportunities available to them.

A career guidance session was held for Class XI and XII science students on June 5th , 2024, by Ms. Sabira Seni S. The program aimed to provide students with valuable information, tools, and insights to help them make informed career choices.

The presentation addressed the three main scientific streams (PCM, PCB, and PCMB) and the various career opportunities in engineering, pure science, medicine, data science, environmental science, biotechnology, and research available to science students. The importance of selecting the right educational path and the degrees, certificates, and diplomas required for different careers were highlighted.

Key entrance exams for various educational tracks and information about different institutions were also discussed. Two handbooks, essential resources for students, parents, and educators, were shared to guide educational and career decisions. The session concluded with an emphasis on the need for self-reflection, curiosity, and pursuing one's passion.


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