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“ A  Book  is  a  gift  you  can  open  again  and  again”
                                                                                                                   - Garrison  Keillor
The school Library celebrated ‘ Joy  of  Reading’    week, to  promote  reading  skill  amongst  the  students.  As  part  of this  activity  “DEAR” Time (Drop  Everything and Read) was observed, where students and teachers were allotted 10-15 mins, for pleasure reading.  Classes I-VIII,  observed the DEAR Time from 19th April- 23rd April, and on special request from students, it was extended for another week.
As part of Library week, special assembly was conducted with an English song, “Gotto Keep Reading” and a Hindi song, “Padna Likna Seekho”, along with speech on Importance of Reading, Quiz and Quotes.
Various  activities like making of book marks on favourite cartoon characters, Literary Quiz, Word building, Dictionary Games etc. were conducted, during the Library periods.
A  special  assembly  was  conducted  on 23rd April, with a poem by Safdar Hashmi, “ Kitaab Kuch Kahana Chahti Hain”. The program was a great success and left  all the teacher and students with the thought.
 “ Let  us  pick  up  our  books  and  pens.  They  are  our  most  powerful  weapons "
                                                                                                                           -   Malala  Yousafzai
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