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A Competition for Hindi Declamation was conducted in Indian School Sohar on 13.08.2015. It was to enhance the overall empowerment of our National language in the students of classes IV and V. The coordinator of the competition was Mrs. Deepika Hans.

 The competition was held in two rounds. The preliminary round was on 09.08.2015 which was held in the classrooms where three or four students were selected from each section.

The selected students then participated in the final round for which  23 students from class IV and 19 students from class V showed their talent in front of  the judges. The judges Mrs. Alpa Thakkar, Mrs. Dipali M. and Mrs. Gayatri Mishra were really impressed  with the lucidity of our talented students.     

 Lavi Sharma, Charu Mishra, Karan Veer Singh bagged Ist, IInd and IIIrd  positions respectively in class V .

Shriniket G.G. got Ist position , Anshita L.Tiwari and Shreya Hemant Gurjar shared the IInd position and Shahid Salim Tahsildar got IIIrd position in class IV.

The competition showcased the enthusiasm and interest of our industrious  students. 


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