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Off-site trips are an extremely valuable aspect of the education we offer. The annual picnic for classes VI, VII and VIII of Indian School Sohar was held on 9.10.15 with great enthusiasm and merriment. This year the venue was the famous Great Vegas Circus at Marah Land and Muscat Quram Park. There were more than 500 students and they were accompanied by the teachers, Supervisor and Principal.

Students and teachers started at 8.00 am in 18 buses and reached Marah land at 10. 45 a m. The circus show started at 11.15 am

Children were very excited and impressed by the circus. There were many daring and thrilling performances by the artists who kept the spectators spell bound, like show by young gymnasts, juggler, cyclists’ performances- wheels on rope, show of the white lion and many more. The performances were truly a challenge of strength, balance, trust, teamwork and courage.

After the circus show students and teachers reached Quram Park at 1.45 pm, where they had delicious lunch and had time to relax and play.

At around 4.30 pm the students and teachers left to Sohar in their respective buses with the exciting memories of picnic. The picnic came to an end with the smooth dispersal of students by 7.00 pm.

The picnic on the whole was enjoyable for both students and teachers. The circus show was a real learning experience. Children could learn how team work, concentration and continuous practice help a person to achieve their set goal.

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