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Mental Math Competition was conducted in Indian School Sohar for Classes III to V on 3rd February 2016. It was conducted with an intention to enhance the interest, strategic competence and computational fluency of children in mathematics. The in charge of the competition was Ms. Rakhi Manoj.

It was conducted in two rounds. The preliminary round was on 18th January 2016. The preliminary round included a written test. Around ten students qualified for the final level of competition from each class.

The final level was conducted on 3rd February 2016 in three rounds, namely Activity round, Problem solving round and Rapid fire round.

In Activity round, the participants were allowed to complete the given puzzle in a time of five minutes. In Problem solving round,the participants permitted to solve the given problems within five minutes. In Rapid fire round, each participant was asked a series of questions continuously. The participant who gave the maximum correct answers within the time limit of two minutes scored the most. The results were declared on the same day with the help of the faculty members.

Vasudev Rajesh, Ayaan T & Ashlin Joseph, Druvi Hiren Joshi of class III Hareneesree, Arya Mirani, Avaneesh Mahesh of class IV and Rohan Suchithran, Panshul Humad & Suhas Sridhar, Pragatheeshwari Saravanan of class V bagged the first, second and third positions of each class respectively.

The computational proficiency and the enhancement of interest in mathematics enabled the students to cope with the mathematical challenges of daily life and to continue their study of mathematics in high school and beyond.