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The Architect of the Indian Constitution remembered on his 125th Birth Anniversary

14th April 2016 was marked by a special assembly at the Indian School Sohar to remember the father of the Indian Constitution on his125th birth anniversary. Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, popularly called Baba Saheb, was the first Law Minister of free India and is best known for his contribution towards drafting the Indian Constitution as the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly.

The assembly organised to commemorate the event began with a floral tribute to the great leader by the Principal of the school, Mrs. Sanchita Verma. The prayer song and a thought enshrining Babasaheb’s legacy set the tone for the program. This was followed by a speech on Dr. Ambedkar’s journey from the downtrodden strata of the society to the position where he ensured liberty and equality for one and all. His fight against untouchability and the crusade for social justice was spoken about at length.

The values endorsed by Dr.Ambedkar were presented by means of a song hailing the contributions of the multifaceted personality. Performers clad in black and white moved to the beats and placards denoting his exemplary ideology were held upto mark his role in the building of modern India. The appearance of a student dressed as Dr. Ambedkar himself, brought out the emotions of respect and patriotism in the entire audience.

Principal Mrs. Sanchita Verma then addressed the students. She spoke about the importance of his service towards the society and drew attention to the enlightening soft board presentation. The students paid a befitting tribute to the leader who is rightly called the Architect of the Indian Constitution.

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