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As a part of the Life Skills program, an interactive session was held for the students of classes IX and X in Indian School Sohar from 5th June’16 to 8thJune’16 wherein the School Principal, Mrs. Sanchita Verma addressed the students about “Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity”.

It provided much needed guidance to the children, who by virtue of being born in the internet era are natives to the digital world, but are often unknowingly exposed to misguided over use and online frauds. They were informed about the various new technologies available to them, the risks involved therein and the appropriate ways to use them for positive outcomes without falling in the pit holes. The relevance of social networking in career planning was explained and the large scale threat of cyber crime was discussed.

The students, who are used to accessing the internet freely, learned to be cautious about the kind of footprints they leave on social media. The session was followed up by a Poster Making activity wherein the students presented their reactions. Students interacted with Ma’am and clarified their doubts. They found the highly informative session to be very enlightening and helpful in building a wholesome online personality and reputation.


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