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Indian School Sohar organised the Annual exhibition - Spectrum 2016 on 19th and 20thOctober 2016, reflecting the creativity, enthusiasm and innovative ideas of students, in continuation of the untiring pursuit to impart the concepts that lay bare to us the mysteries of this universe and of the chasms of the imaginary world where the mind takes us through art and literature, The gala event which saw the participation of classes VI to XII emerged as a thumping success.

The Chief Guest for the occasion Sheikh Issa Humaid Mohd. Al Shibli, Assistant Director General for Educational Affairs, Ministry of Education,North Al-Batinah Governorate inaugurated the show. The Exhibition was graced by the presence of the Guest of Honour, Mr. Patrick Rambarun, Principal, Future Science International School, Sohar and the dignitaries from Ministry of Education Mr. Ahmed Al Tifani,   Dr.Khalid Al Balushi, and Mr. Syed Al Risi. They were left astounded by the praise worthy effort of the students.  The visit of School Managing Committee members Mr. Dileep Asher, Dr. Mahesh Mistry, Mr. Ajay Damani and Mr. Rajesh Mehta was quite encouraging. The President of the SMC, Indian School Buraimi, the Principal and teachers witnessed the exhibition and were full of praise for the constructive and informative work of the students. The visit of the teachers and students of around 22 Omani schools was quite encouraging.

The theme for the Central Model was “Preservation of Environment and Recycling”. The Eco house made out of plastic bottles by Green Gyan, the Eco Club was worth watching.

Science is the poetry of reality. That’s what the Science exhibits declared. In each room of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science, there were exhibits of intriguing techniques, fascinating machines, tantalizing toys and compelling concepts.The exhibits included pieces exploring a wide range of scientific interests. Many working models highlighted methods that were useful, bringing out the splendour of recent technologies and sustainable in protecting health and environment. Projects based on concepts such as designing of hovercraft,pressure, waste treatment, electrolysis, acid rain, obstacle sensing, electromagnetic induction, aquaponics, life giving stem cell therapy etc. attracted the attention.

The rooms allotted to the wizards of Maths were no less intriguing as Mathematics is the music of reason. In the relentless pursuit to stir the mathematical expression of the students and to help them understand the basic elements of Mathematics an array of projects and models were presented. Students who ushered the guests into this maze of numbers surely reminded that life is like Maths - it is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

The Social Science exhibits provided an insight into the past, at the same time traversed us through the present too. The various models of History, Geography, Economics and Civics were a visual delight that offered the visitors food for thought.

Commerce Section highlighted topics like evolution of money and its functions, the accounting process and banking systems linking us directly to day- to- day life.  Models like online business and Central bank and its functions along with PowerPoint presentations on career options were commendable.

The Computer Science section, enabled to march through the advanced technology. The Gola App, website for renting car, created by Std. XII was a crowd puller and so were the PPTs and games created by students.

The English Carnival stressed that the power of words is unconquerable and all branches of knowledge is dependent on language for its propagation. It familiarised everyone with most of the prominent British, American and Indian writers. They traversed from the Valley of Kings understanding the Might of Pen and enjoying the chocolates from the Chocolate factory. The Authors Corner gave them the chance to meet a few authors.  Further, they tasted the cake of wisdom with alluring icing of intelligence. The Hindi section- Sahitya Sarovar highlighted the various grammatical aspects of language and imparted knowledge of literature through interesting games. It portrayed the world of rich Hindi literature of various eras.  Sanskrit room aptly inculcated the rich vocabulary and showed why it is the mother all Indian languages & how they are well connected. Sarga Samagamam, the Malayalam section,  took one to Kerala’s Cultural heritage and art form.

The Arabic and Oman section – Oman Al Jameela showcased rich cultural and traditional aspects of beautiful Oman and its friendly people.

The Handloom Wing, beautifully and aesthetically arranged handlooms from various states of India. This was to support the initiative of the honourable Minister of Textiles Mrs. Smriti Irani to promote handloom industry. All the teachers contributed towards this venture by providing materials and by wearing handlooms during the exhibition.

It is said that the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. The Art Section was quite mesmerising and instilled a kind of solace. The pebble art and best out of waste and many more art works presented beauty in its perfection.  Live Art Section show casing tie & dye and candle making was highly appreciated, for they provided first hand, ground-breaking and inclusive art education.

 “Jugaad”, which means innovation and the Indian innovative ideas are a trend setter. The students demonstated how simple things can be used to make latest technological gadgets, which are cost effective and durable. The items like Vacuum cleaner made out of plastic bottles, simple DC motor etc. received much appreciation. 

The Photography club displayed the photo gallery of various events and gave all the visitors a rare chance to capture the moment – Photoshoots with different frames and pets. The live turtle and hare race was a delight to watch.

The musical treat- Dhwani – enthralled all the audience with wide variety of performance . Prayer songs, light music and folk songs gave a soothing entertainment to the visitors.

The exhibition showcased work produced through a collaboration between teachers, students and parents. The effort was highly appreciated by the visitors. Each guest who walked into this alluring world was left dazzled by the enchanting exhibits that revealed the praiseworthy effort of the students. One of the Parent remarked, “Innovative and commendable effort by the students. Excellent presentation. Looking forward to many more such occasions”. The Principal, Mrs Sanchita Verma congratulated the Staff, Students and Parents for the intelligent, innovative and successful show”. What one learnt from this endeavour was – “Never stop working hard. Never stop expressing.  Something incredible is waiting to be revealed in the end”. So it is aptly said, "The sky is not the limit, limits are just confined to our minds."


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