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The Constitution Daywas celebrated at Indian School Sohar on 26th November 2016, to spread awareness about the Indian Constitution and to instill a sense of patriotism among the students. The Special Assembly organized for the day focused on the theme of the Constitution of India and a Quiz was put up to involve the students.

The students presented a skit in the form of a live documentary depicting the members of the drafting committee, highlighting the Preamble and the importance of Right to freedom of Speech and Expression, Right to freedom of Religion, Right against Exploitation, Cultural and Educational Rights, Right to Constitutional Remedies and the Preamble of our country

Principal Ms. Sanchita Verma highlighted the significance of celebrating the Constitution Day and shared the values embedded in the Preamble. She also spoke about the role of the Fundamental Rights especially the Right to Equality.

A special period was taken up during the day by the Social Science Teachers who explained in detail the meaning of the Constitution, the Preamble, and the Fundamental Rights.


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