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Indian School Sohar held a storytelling competition on 9th of January 2017 for the students of UKG.

 Over the years storytelling has proven to be a very important part of early childhood education since it provides the necessary ingredients for pre-schoolers to broaden their imagination. Story telling tends to invoke the imagination and takes listeners to unimaginable places. 

 The theme this year was 'Animal stories'. All the participants came well prepared with very interesting stories conveying wise moral views. The audience remained fully engrossed with the flow of the competition.

The ability to express someone else’s words in their own way enables a child to create his/her own unique identity. Thus the story telling competition helped each participant to enhance the speaking skills and gave a boost to their confidence. 

The criteria for judgement was content, voice modulation and expression. The judges appreciated the children for their effort and creativity at the end of the competition.


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