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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader”, says John Quincy Adams. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, Indian School Sohar forms the Student Council every year.  The school witnessed the Investiture Ceremony of the new School Council on May 25th, 2017 in the school precincts. The simple and short function was held in a special assembly where they were prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. The Principal was escorted to the stage by the pilots.  She, along with the Members of the Selection Panel, lighted the lamp giving a propitious beginning.

The Principal congratulated the Council members of the previous session and awarded them with certificates. Mr. Yashvir Singh, the Co-ordinator of the Selection Panel highlighted the selection procedure corroborating how prudently the leaders were nominated to form the Council and enthused them to have dreams, to face difficulties and to aim to touch the stars. Ram Subramaniam, the School Captain of the previous session, shared his experience, congratulated his team who lived up to their potential fulfilling the responsibilities successfully and avowed that leadership is all about impact, influence and inspiration. He wished the new Council success while executing their duties with pride and passion for the glory of the school.

             The Council Members for the new session who marched sprightly and majestically for the proceeding were awarded with the badges and the sashes by the Principal, Mrs. Sanchita Verma who administered the oath thereafter. The School Captains along with the other Council Members took the oath to uphold the spirit and integrity of the school and promised to discharge their duties faithfully and honestly without fear or favour taking the school to newer heights and resplendence. The Principal congratulated the newly elected members and gave a call to every member of the School Council to be exemplary to other students and serve them well. She highlighted the important qualities of a virtuous leader:  proud, but not arrogant; polite, but firm; humble, but not weak.  She asserted the need for serving the school, the society and the country at large, for the leaders are servants at the end of the day.

             The School Captain, Rahul Khatav expressed their gratitude for endowing them with the responsibilities of these prestigious posts, assured to be mindful of the expectation, encouraged his team to maintain self-discipline and integrity, and serve the school as expected of a leader by sharing the responsibilities. The School Captain, Tulsi J. Mehta proposed the Vote of Thanks and once again assured that they would leave no stone unturned to take the School to heights of glory. “Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses” Mitt Romney.   With the prayer not for a lighter load, but for a strong shoulder, the new Council took up their responsibility. The predominant passion, vibrant vision and insatiable zest reflected their strong determination to lead their School towards the zenith of splendor.

The new office bearers are:

School Captains                 :  Rahul Khatav & Tulsi J Mehta

School Vice-Captains         :   Naukshatro Bose & Manasvi M More

Sports captains                   :  Aditya Vinod & Kavya Gupta

Sports Vice- Captains         :  Mohd. Umar Sharieff & Lakshmi Suresh          

Cultural Captains                :  Annapurni S & Meenakshi S  
Discipline Captains             :  Dhairya V Thakkar & Ann Marina Dias      

Discipline Vice-Captains    :   Shreyas R.V. & Muznah Mohd.

House captain (Blue)          :  Harsh Kumar Patel & Tania Babu

House captain (Green)        :  Anurag Gupta & Aastha Patel

House Captain (Red)          :   Raunak Singh & Sadhana Jayakumar

House Captain(Yellow)         :  Ashish Thomas & Soumya

House Vice-Captains          :   Sarthak C, Shreyanshi Singh, Devanshi Patodia, Ayush S,                                                                                            Krishna S, Khushi M M, Nandhini Lekha & J.Shravan    

Discipline Prefects              :   Dimpi, Khushi Anwar, Sparsh Gupta, Serena M J, Vennela K,                                                                                        Zeba Shaikh, Nikita R, Krishna Priya, Kalyani B, Anand K, 
                                             Umaima Praveen, Rishabh G C, Merwin S A, Nuzha Aziz, Aaron T


The Vice- Principal, Dr. Vinu Kumar introduced the House-in Charges, Mrs. Deepa Riju of Blue House, Mr. Aftab Alam of Green House, Dr. Sunita Jha of Red House and Mr. Mohd. Illyas of Yellow House. The simple but solemn ceremony came to an end with the National Anthem envisaging an ambiance of pride and vigour. 


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