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Indian School Sohar organised Yoga Activities so as to be a part of the International Day of Yoga Celebrations. Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that needs to be carried out every day. Children got the chance to know how Yoga embodies unity of mind and body and promotes harmony among people, and between ourselves and the natural world. Around five hundred students enthusiastically participated in the yoga activities. They executed various asanas, meditation and laughter yoga. Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi Physical Education Department, organized the event.

The students were clued-up why it is considered a proud heritage of India. Taking roots from the Ancient Indian culture, Yoga is widely adopted all over the world for meeting the changing health care needs of mankind.  The students enthusiastically participated in the yoga session.

The Principal, Mrs. SanchitaVerma addressed the gathering of students and teachers and motivated them to make it a part of their daily routine. She also emphasized the benefits of yoga especially for students. A special yoga session was conducted for the staff. It focused on the asanas and pranayaam techniques for stress management.

All the participants pledged to continue the practicing of asanaas and meditation with perseverance to achieve the objective of wholesome health. When the whole world celebrates the beneficial aspects of yoga, we, as proud Indians who contributed this to the world for health and harmony, should understand and take benefit of it by incorporating yoga in our daily routine.


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