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“Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?”, said Mahatma Gandhi. Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty. This is what the exuberating mirth and brimming pride of the students during the Independence day Celebration at Indian School Sohar proclaimed. The school was adorned with tricolour balloons, flags, pictures of national symbols and maps. The special assembly of the students to commemorate the day created an ambience of patriotism and celebrated this red letter day on which India achieved freedom from the shackles of British supremacy in unison with the whole India with zeal and spirit befitting the occasion. The Chief Guest, the President of School Managing Committee, Mr. Abraham George and other SMC members Mr. Ajay Damani and Mr. Rajesh Mehta along with the Principal Mrs. Sanchita Verma were escorted on to the stage by the pilots. The School Captains made it special with a floral welcome.

The Principal welcomed the gathering and said that the freedom we enjoy is the culmination of the efforts and sacrifices made by our forefathers and freedom fighters. She urged to stick to the slogan raised by our Prime Minister “we could change” and “unite India” instead of quitting it. It was followed by the administering of the pledge. She advocated all to accomplish the pledge with the spirit of the New India.   The Cultural Captain Annapurni Subramanian shared her views on the significance of the day. She asserted that the long walk India took from 1947 to 2017 has been in the path of development. She reminded the words of the great Abdul Kalam, “ Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.” The School Choir set the pitch for the programme by singing the patriotic song: Sare Jahan se achha, often called the unofficial national anthem of India. The melodious rendering from the proud heart of the young Indians left every heart throbbing with patriotism and encouraged everyone to sacrifice everything for our incredible India, the most beautiful in the world.   The enthralling song set aflame love and honour for the country in the minds of the audience.  

The President of SMC Mr. Abraham George, after expressing gratitude to the generous and broad-minded Sultan and the Govt. of this country which hosts us, paid tribute to those who sacrificed their life for the freedom we enjoy today. He thanked the soldiers who defend our nation from aggression and guard from enemies. He stressed that we should enhance values and traditions too while developing Science and Technology. To become a part in the progress of India, he advised the students to be well-disciplined and to excel in academics as well as co-curricular activities, he appealed the teachers to impart values along with skill and knowledge, and besought the staff to whole heartedly support the school in the thrive to excel. The teachers kindled the spirit of patriotism through the song, Aao bachcho tumhe dikhaye jhankee hindustan kee: a true patriotic song which shows the genuine emotion of the very Indian heart. The students enhanced the beauty of the song by enacting each scene and thus bringing forth a glimpse of our proud past.

The Special Prize Distribution Segment highlighted the great achievements. Shrishti Jain was honoured for emerging as winner of the senior category in the Interschool Extempore Competition held at Indian School Wadi Kabir. Mrs. Indira Sukumaran received the District Performance Excellence Award for the overall co-ordination conferred by Science Olympiad Foundation. Our Principal Mrs. Sanchita Verma received a Letter of Appreciation from SOF and the Best Principal Award for the year 2016-2017 from National Olympiad Foundation. In the World Education Summit held in Delhi on the 11th and 12th of August, our School won the coveted trophy for Green School Initiative presented by Elets Techno Media, a premier technology and media research organisation of Asia and Middle East. In the glittering ceremony held, our Principal, the Guest Speaker on the occasion of the 10th Edition of the World Education Awards 2017, received the trophy. The Principal appreciated the efforts of Green Gyan Eco Club and requested them to receive the trophy.

 The programme concluded with the singing of the National Anthem. The whole school echoed with slogan of “Jai Hind”.  With freedom in the mind, faith in the words and pride in our souls we saluted the nation on the auspicious day. To conclude, it was a day to love and respect our country, a day to remind everyone to make India a better place for Indians to live and experience freedom, peace and unity in diversity.


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