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Innovians Technologies from India organized a workshop on Andruino – Android App Development using MIT App Inventor at Indian School Sohar on 29th and 30th of September 2017.This workshop aimed to provide a platform where young students could mould their imagination into reality in the field of technology. 71 students from VII to XII participated enthusiastically in the workshop.

The following activities were carried out by the students using their laptops and smart phones.

Day I: Android App Development

 App 1: Talk to Me App

 App 2: Image Visibility App

 App 3: Ball Bounce Game App

 App 4:  Magic Trick App

App 5: Music Player App

App 6: Simple Calculator App      

 App7:  Take My pic App


Day II: Arduino Based Projects & Brainwave Control

 Project 1: Simple LED Program

 Project 2: LED Blinking

 Project 3: Environment Monitoring

 Project 4:  Creating Your Own Android App on Your Smartphone

Project 5: Creating Your Own Android App for home Automation

Project 6: Brainwave Controlled Devices      

At the end of the workshop, a competition was organized. Students were able to apply the software which they made and they improvised their own ideas. The winning team was given certificate of Excellence and the participants were given Certificates.

The school Principal, Mrs. Sanchita Verma affirmed that this workshop will be useful for the students as well as teachers for improving their technological skills and logical thinking.

Ms. Indira S (coordinator of the programme) profusely thanked all the staff members for making it a grand success & the resource Person Mr. Prateek Gupta and his team for conducting the Android App Development workshop, which provided a direction to the youth to know their technological aptitudes and skills.


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