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A special assembly was organized to celebrate World Ozone Day as an educational initiative and a step to prompt young minds to start contributing their bit in nurturing and looking after ‘Mother Earth’.

Assembly began with the school prayer. The news updates gave a comment on the Montreal protocol, the most successful protocol in the world today to save Ozone. Through a melodious group song, the students highlighted the importance of saving the Ozone layer, which brought about awareness among the pupil.

The skit depicting the cause of Ozone depletion creating awareness towards an environmental cause was praise worthy.

At the end of the programme a quiz was conducted based on the skit and winners were rewarded by Ms.Sanchita Verma, Principal with the surprise gifts made of waste products. She honoured the efforts for the noble cause and encouraged the students to be more sensitive towards environmental issues and serve the society by fulfilling their role.


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