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“In the dark you have to describe yourself. In the daylight other people describe you”, says Anna from Mister God, This is Anna.   Educators have to be comfortable about being in the dark and journeying to the light by learning with students as they need to be empowered with a variety of instructional designs to meet the needs of the students. The way teachers teach their students has a direct correlation to the way in which they learn themselves. With this strong conviction, Indian School Sohar conducted an inter-school workshop for the English teachers. The English Language Teaching workshop turned out to be quite enriching. The Resource person, Mrs Gayatri Khanna, a Consultant and a Resource Person in CBSE and NCERT and the teachers from other Indian Schools (Indian School Ibra, Indian School Ibri, Indian School Muladha, Indian School Nizwa and Indian School Rustaq) were welcomed cordially by the Principal Mrs. Sanchita Verma. She remarked that the Workshop will be a catalyst accelerating the efficiency of teaching. The Resource person traversed the teacher-learners through a path of integrated teaching-learning process giving a bird’s eye view of various arenas of teaching.

The teaching pedagogy and related enrichment activities for various levels were discussed in detail. Evaluation Criteria, Contextual grammar and changing curriculum were the other areas covered. The President of School Managing committee Mr. Abraham George presented a memento to the Resource Person. He recommended to have more of such enriching programmes for the teachers in future. Mrs. Divya Johari, HOD, English Department, proposed the vote of thanks and commented that each session, especially the subject enrichment activities discussed were quite innovative and new-fangled.  The teachers found it quite beneficial. They felt that their teaching would become more effective and enjoyable for the students with such interesting activities. Their queries about the curriculum and evaluation too were tackled.


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