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Indian School Sohar celebrated the National Science Day(NSD) on 28th February in collaboration with Butterfly Edufields. Since 1987, when the Govt. of India designated it as National Science Dayto commemorate the historic discovery of the Raman Effect  by Sir C.V.Raman , this day is celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm. The theme of the year 2018 is Science and Technology for Sustainable Future. Indian School Sohar joined in promoting the theme for the benefit of all students and fellow Omani citizens. Students from Ahmed Bin Saeed and Al Safa Omani School along with their teachers joined in the celebration and exchanged ideas to cultivate a better life for the people utilizing science and technology.

Student volunteers of Indian school Sohar highlighted the importance of Science in daily life and national development through science popularization activities. They explained simple scientific concepts to the Omani students using STEM models, thus spreading the joy of learning. The principles of hydraulic pump, surface tension, friction,magnetic induction etc. became very easily understandable when they operated the working models.  The science kits provided by Butterfly Edufields were easy to use and came in handy. Indian School Sohar has taken many science popularization activities earlier too, but this celebration promoted active involvement of all students and teachers.

Students were encouraged to ask questions and thus cleared their doubts concerning different scientific aspects. The Principal Mrs. Sanchita Verma conducted an interactive session with the Omani students and explained how science and technology has become a part and parcel of human progress and how it is important for leading a healthy and comfortable life. This activity not only enhanced scientific thinking and promoted better understanding of concepts but also contributed to cross cultural interaction between India and Oman and further strengthened the bonds of friendship. It also enabled the students to know about the latest developments in the fields of science and technology. Thus the school became a part of the aim of the nation to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.

Principal Mrs. Sanchita Verma thanked all the volunteers and teachers. She appreciated Butterfly Edufields for all the support andsending STEM kits all the way to Omanto promote Science learning.


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