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“A Student council holds the common interest of serving as the driving forces in upholding and increasing school spirit, helping their fellow students and allowing members a chance to develop and use leadership skills in both the school and community.” It is with this purpose that Indian School Sohar forms the Student Council every year.  The school organized the Investiture Ceremony of the new School Council on May 30th, 2018 with great pomp and dignity in a special assembly.  The Principal was escorted to the stage by the pilots.  She, along with the Members of the Selection Panel, lighted the lamp giving a propitious beginning. The Principal thanked the Selection Panel Headed by Mr Yashvir Singh, Supervisor Secondary School. The panel included Mr. Lourdraj, HOD Maths, Mrs. Indira Sukumaran, Supervisor Middle Section, Mrs. Tanu Sarda, HOD Computer Sciecne, Mr. Rajashekaran, HOD Social Science, Mr. Kamal Gurung, HOD Physical Education and Mr. Kuldeep Singh.

The Principal congratulated the outgoing Council members of the previous session for their exemplary functioning and awarded them with certificates. Rahul Khatav, the School Captain of the previous session, shared his experience, congratulated his team and underlined the success by his emphatic comment that true leaders do not create more followers, but they create more leaders.

             The Council Members for the new session who marched sprightly and majestically for the proceeding were awarded with the badges and the sashes by the Principal, Mrs. Sanchita Verma. The Vice- Principal, Dr. Vinukumar introduced the House-in Charges, Mr. Abdul Razak of Blue House, Mr. Maijo Varghese of Green House, Mr. S Xavier of Red House and Mr. P K Sunil of Yellow House. The School Captains along with the other Council Members took the oath to uphold the spirit and integrity of the school and promised to discharge their duties faithfully and honestly without fear or favour taking the school to newer heights and resplendence. The Principal congratulated the newly elected members and indicated the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers. She felt proud in building up future leaders for the country and directed them to carry forward the new measures adopted by the previous council.

             The School Captain, Manasvi Manoj More, expressed their gratitude for endowing them with the responsibilities of these prestigious posts, promised to abide by the qualities of a true leader and keeping the flag of ISS flying high. Students of today are the visionaries and torch bearers of tomorrow. With the hope that they would ensure the progress of the school in all arenas and live up to the expectations of the authorities and students, the new Council took up their responsibility. The predominant passion, vibrant vision and insatiable zest reflected their strong determination to lead their School towards the zenith of splendor.

The new office bearers are:

School Captains          :   Shravan Jayasankar & Manasvi Manoj More

Cultural captains        :   Aaryan Saji & Sidra Musheer
Sports  Captains         :   Mohd. Umar Sherrif & Swara Ingle          

Discipline Captains      :   Keshav K Kudalae & Safa Rasheed      

House captain (Blue)     :   Aamir Zamil & M Suriya

House captain (Green)    :   Atharv Patil & Devanshi Patodia

House Captain (Red)      :   Sree Mukund Vegi, Khushi Mathur

House Captain(Yellow)    :   Shreyansh R Vasvani & R P Pooja

School Vice-Captains     :   Kushi Anwar & Prithviraj Mathavan

Sports Vice- Captains    :   Anand Krishna & Dimpi 

Discipline Vice-Captains :   Sree Sudarshan M &  Nuzha Ajaz

House Vice-Captains      :   Rishab Chopde, Zeba, Sathvik Srivastava, Nikeeta Ramkumar, Nishanth Selvakumar, Shreya Kamath, Yagnik Saravaiya, Umaima Parveen

Discipline Prefects      :   Jeet Verma, Anushka S G, Snehal Nair, Liya Maria S, Jerusha A John, Shreya Yadav, Kavya Malviya, Dhruviben N, Abhishek P N, Sanchita S Swami, Rishit Mathur, Amira Kalam, Aryan Pandey, S Gomathy S, Animesh Vijay

The serene and solemn ceremony ended with the National Anthem envisaging an ambiance of pride and vigour. 


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