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Hindi Divas is a very special day that is celebrated in India on 14th of September every year with great pomp and show. On 14th September 1949, Hindi was adopted as the official language of the Republic of India as per the Constituent Assembly of our country. The day is meant to promote the usage of Hindi language in India and to pay tribute to the language.

Hindi Divas was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm on Wednesday, the 12th of September 2018 at Indian School Sohar. A special assembly marked the occasion with students enthusiastically participating in it.

The Speech in Hindi highlighted the importance of the language. The Quiz enriched the students with more knowledge about the Hindi language. The students of the Primary Section performed an Action Song bringing out the feelings of love and reverence for the language and the students of middle section danced to the tunes of melodious Hindi songs. The Supervisor of Secondary Section Mr. Yashvir Singh wrote a beautiful poem highlighting the wonderful rendering power of the language which he recited with passion and pride. In her inspiring speech, Principal Mrs. Sanchita Verma advised the students to give respect to all languages as they uphold the culture and values of different places and people.

Students actively participated in the celebrations by decorating all the bulletin boards with quotes and information about Hindi Language and literature. Over all, it was a fun filled day inculcating values of deep respect and appreciation for Hindi, one of the very old Indian languages.

To mark this day the students of Indian School Sohar were encouraged to speak in Hindi the entire day. The children fathomed the significant role Hindi plays in connecting the citizens of our country.


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