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“Pure Mathematics is in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas.”- Albert Einstein

Mathematics Modelling competition was conducted in Indian School Sohar for Class V on 23rd Oct 2018. It was conducted with the objective of providing an opportunity to the students to become independent thinkers who produce creative solutions in mathematics in unfamiliar situations and also to simplify the difficult concepts to promote better understanding in the students. The co-ordinator of the competition was Ms. Anila Joby.

Steve Sam George of V H bagged first position, Shourya Upadhyay of V G bagged second position and Melito Mariam Manoj of V D bagged third position.

 The enhancement of interest in mathematics should enable the students to cope with the mathematical challenges of daily life and enable them to continue their study of mathematics in high school and beyond. The judges were Ms. Indira Sukumaran (Supervisor VI-VIII), Violet Vas and Subhacchini V. appreciated the active efforts of the students.


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