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Indian School Sohar recently organized a unique tripartite video conferencing between Indian students studying in Oman from kinder Garten level with their counterparts in India from Sagar Public School, Bhopal with Omani students and staff.

This was a unique cross cultural exchange and strengthened Indo- Oman bond. This venture took the socio-cultural dimension between the two countries to greater heights. The main aim of this conference was to focus on the cultural affinity that exists between the two countries.

The enthusiasm and excitement was palpable among all the students present both in India and Oman. This virtual interaction seemed as if it was in reality, a face to face interaction between them. The students from Sagar Public School, Bhopal were keenly interested in the Oman’s culture, its traditions, attire, food and language, all of which were amply displayed before them.

Omani students donned the traditional costumes and jewelry and won the appreciation of the participants. Omani delicacies Maqbous, Omani Halwa, Kahwa, Khubz, Hummus were shown on the screen and recipes were shared.

The questions and queries from both sides were wide ranging. CCE implementation, life of teenagers in Oman and how it differs from that of their Indian counterparts, stress management, choice of subjects available in Senior Secondary  School etc.

They shared some lighter moments also appreciating each other’s school uniforms and asking teachers if they will ever exchange places.

For the Indian students living in Oman it was an eye opener, as they realized the challenges, level of competition faced by their counterparts in India. Another highlight of the conference was the presence of two French teachers visiting Oman from Ecole International School, France. They actively interacted with the students from both countries and shared their experiences as educators with them.

This innovative and unique exchange of ideas was possible due to the initiative taken by the principal Sanchita Verma. Who affirmed that after this virtual exchange, the school will make efforts to take the students for  real exchange programmes. Sagar Public School staff and students thanked profusely for acquainting them with the rich Omani culture. It was a great learning experience for everyone who participated in it.