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Innovians Technologies from India organized a workshop on Mobile Robotics, Aeromodelling & Water Rocketry at Indian School Sohar on 3rd , 4th ,5th & 6th of April 2014.This workshop aimed to provide a platform where young students can mould their imagination into reality and feel the excitement first hand.140 students from V to XII participated enthusiastically in the workshop.

The first day dealt with introduction to basic electronics, manual robots, future of robotics, types of robots and had hands on session for development and designing of a manual robot.

On the second day students were trained to assemble the manual robots, had hands on session for designing and development for Mobile Controlled Robot and Line Follower Robot.

Third day dealt with basic terminologies of Aeromodelling, Glider & Flight, designing & construction of Chuck Gliders and flying the Glider.

On the fourth day students were introduced to Water Rockets, mechanism involved in Parachute Landing, construction of Water Rocket with Parachutes, and firing.  

At the end of the workshop, a small competition was organized & winning team was given certificate of excellence and the participants were given Certificate of Merit.

Students were able to design and modify the models using their own imaginations. The workshop provided a direction to the youth to know their aptitudes in this direction.

The school principal, Mrs.Sanchita Verma affirmed that this workshop will prove useful for the students in the future and profusely thanked all the staff members for making it a grand success.