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The second phase of the SAI-Times of Oman's "Spreading the Light through Human Values" Essay and Poster Competition - 2014 on human values came to a successful conclusion on April 19. The contest was held at the Indian schools in Sohar, Sur and Nizwa, covering the interior schools in Batinah, Sharqiya and Dakhiliyah governorates.

Once again, it generated a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement among the students who participated in large numbers — some of them for the first time in a competition like this — reinforcing faith that such competitions can spur children to contemplate on values.

Given the topics in advance — 'I love my family' (for Grades 1 to 3), 'Study to be Steady' (for Grades 4 to 6), 'Protect and not pollute nature' (for Grades 7 to 9) and 'Driving faster can cause disaster' (for Grades 10 to 12) -- really captivated children's imagination in their journey towards achieving 'Human Excellence'.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Education (MoE) from the respective regions and other dignitaries were present when the event was inaugurated in various regions and they could experience the output of the children expressed through art form and essays on the chosen topics during their visit to the class rooms as children unleashed their creative efforts in a focussed manner.

Ibrahim Ali Hamdan Abu Qusaidah, Deputy Director of Administrative Affairs Department at the DG of Education, MoE, Batinah North, inaugurated the event at Sohar and expressed his happiness at witnessing this unique event where children from different schools had assembled together for a good purpose. One of the supervisors from the MoE presented SAI Group and Indian School, Sohar with a collage artwork by a student, in appreciation on behalf of the student community. 

Amal Khalifa Khalfan Al Shukri, Deputy Director for Educational Programmes, MoE - Dakhliya Region, who was the chief guest at Nizwa, was amazed to see the growing popularity of the competition among the students.

Saeed Mohammed Al Mushrafi, Regional Supervisor of MoE, Sharqiya Region, said, "I am really glad the event is taking place in Sur, where children have lesser opportunities to express their talents. The partnership of the schools with MoE and SAI Group should grow further through programmes like this."

"It is a tripartite relationship. Parents, teachers and the administrators form the three sides of a triangle, while the core forms the students. The students shape well if there is a perfect blend of these three roles in their lives," said an SAI Coordinator.

The third and final phase of this mega event will be held on April 26 at Salalah and Buraimi, covering schools in Dhofar, Dahira and Buraimi regions and the Indian Schools at Salalah and Buraimi.  The results of this competition are expected to be announced in the second week of May 2014 after the completion of a three tier evaluation.

The award function is likely to be held by the third week of May 2014 in Muscat. The winning posters and essays will be on display on this occasion.