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The Annual School Exhibition, ‘SPECTRUM 2014’ for the classes VI to XII was organized by Indian School Sohar on October 30th and 31st, 2014 in the new phase of the school premises. The students showcased their talents in Languages, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Art and Craft, Music etc. The entire school was abuzz with activity and one could feel the pulse and the magnitude of the event! 

The Chief Guest Said Al Risi, Supervisor of the International Schools, Ministry of Education, was welcomed in the traditional way by students. He inaugurated the function by lighting the ceremonial lamp of knowledge.

The Annual School Exhibition was indeed unique since it embraced scientific, analytical, literary, artistic, culinary talents of the students. Parents, Guests were overwhelmed by the passion exhibited, extensive research work undertaken by all the Departments and congratulated them for the grand success of the Annual Exhibition.

The Indian School Sohar family paid a tribute to the scientists of Indian Space Research Organization and commemorated the success of the positioning of Mars Orbital Mission (MOM) in the orbit around the red planet, breaking into an elite club of three nations, as the main highlight of the event.

 The class rooms and soft boards displayed an array of creativity which won the praise of all the visitors.

The languages’ department showcased their exhibits in the five languages taught at School -namely, English, Hindi, Arabic, Sanskrit and Malayalam. The predominant focus was exploring the diverse facets of the languages in the beautiful, innovative and knowledge providing exhibits of the students. Creativity abounded amidst the written work displayed.

The English department encouraged the children to read by putting up a library corner. Another highlight was enactment of  characters from ‘The Tempest’ by Shakespeare in the form of a puzzle, various models of famous poems like ‘Palanquin Bearers’, The Seven Ages’ etc were well appreciated.

The Hindi department explored the works of the renowned Hindi poets from the `Adhunik Kal’, `Reeti Kal’ and `Bhakti Kal’. The puppet show, and the beauty of the village life was amply depicted.

The Arabic, Sanskrit and Malayalam departments motivated the children to depict various models and charts regarding the history and literary aspect of the language.

The Science Department presented various working models with a view to encourage and inculcate a scientific temper amongst students.  The students of the middle section showcased their zeal and enthusiasm. Informative and unique models of the Oil Rig, Hydroponics, Mechanical Refrigeration, Burglers alarm etc. were some of the exhibits which caught the fancy of the visitors.

Working models of a Gliding Aircraft, Laser Security System, Parabolic Sound Collector, Tesla-electric Generator and Laser burning system presented by the Physics department, won the applause of all.

The Chemi Magic of the Chemistry Department enchanted one and all. Blood donation, ava lamp chemical rainbow created using chemicals were well appreciated.

The working models of heart, bio-gas formation, and sustainable Agriculture beautifully displayed by the Biology Department, caught the attention and interest of all the distinguished guests.

The Social Science Department put up working models showcasing rainwater harvesting, transport system, global warming, Hydro electric and many more.

The Computer Science Department showcased web sites designed by the students, Java code programming made quiz application, games and other fun applications won wide appreciation. The Augmented Reality section showcasing 3D images on the smart board of various organs of the human body was highly informative, inspiring awe and appreciation from all.

The Mathematics Department showcased various abstract and illusion models. Practical application of Mathematics was well depicted.

The Commerce Department exhibited the theme ‘ Business as an important form of economic activity’, was highly appreciated by all.

Painting, clay painting, fabric painting, Origami, collage painting of the students adorned the art and craft room. Live painting done by the students was well appreciated. The Floor Art-various colourful Rangolies put up by students using different materials like rice dough, tiles, diyas, kundhan, colour powders, alpana, coconut, flowers, water etc mesmerized all and was widely appreciated.

To promote healthy eating habits among school children an exhibit showcasing “Healthy Food” was set up, which not only presented the culinary  talents of the students but validated  beyond doubt that nutritious food can be delicious as well!. Parents applauded the simple but attractive ideas to make the lunch boxes of their wards tempting as well as healthy.

There was innovative use of craft materials and also the best use of waste in the Eco room creating some very fine pieces of craft. The exhibits aimed at promoting awareness among the students about making the best of used paper and plastic.

Another major highlight of the event was the Impromptu Program-Dhawani, where in the students from classes VI to X added flavour with music and songs. Students played musical instruments like the violin, guitar and casio, which was well appreciated

`Vanishing girl’ left the audience hyponotised and mesmerized.

Invited guests, members of the school managing committee and parents showed keen interest in the working models and the innovative ideas of the young generation and assured them support to enhance their creative endeavors. The Chief Guest appreciated the application of imagination of the students and the teachers and congratulated them for putting up a fabulous show.

Principal Sanchita Verma  and members of the School management committee appreciated the effort of students and teachers and also thanked the parents for their cooperation in making this event a grand success. Enthusiastic parents exalted the efforts of the teachers and the school.


Sanchita Verma



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