Photography Club



Capturing the memories to cherish

Photography club of ISS provides a platform where talent meets creativity and gives rise to productivity. The aim of the Photography Club is to teach students how to become good photographers so as to take pictures. They are engaged in various activities that challenge their imaginative capabilities; assist in sharpening their photographic skills, and present an opportunity for students to learn from each other. The events ranged from theme-based photo competitions to outdoor photography. A total of twenty students are enrolled in ISS Photography Club and they have developed their photographic skills with great zeal. The club members and volunteers also attended Photography Training for clicking photos with a specific theme. A few students of the photography club participated in the outdoor competitions for the better experience and motivation.

The club organizes annual training for its members by taking them on field trips to provide hands-on experience and provide exposure which offers these amateur photographers a rich learning experience helping them to hone their skill and updating them with latest trends and techniques in photography. In the maiden venture of the club, members and interested nonmembers were guided to various places of interest to click beautiful pictures. They also participated in Digital Photography Competitions and Exhibitions organized in Oman. Photos of various categories, taken by our students are exhibited on the display board. This will ignite and enthuse further interest among the students to make this hobby greater and more effective.

  • To bring out the creative talent in Students.
  • To create awareness of the benefits from the saved memories of nature and events, all happenings in and around our School premises.
  • To organize and enjoy school life along with academics by providing positive and attractive photography sessions.
  • To engage with sustainable development through a wide range of initiative led by the members

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